Chairman’s Message

There are so many reasons why Rickmansworth Arts Society is important. For example: it provides an opportunity for local artists to come together on a regular basis, to exchange thoughts and ideas and to watch stimulating demonstrations, it also gives those who feel they would like to exhibit their work the opportunity to do so, but beyond that and perhaps most importantly, it adds greatly to the cohesiveness of our local community.

However RADAS events like the mural at Tesco’s and the annual exhibition in the Bury don’t happen by accident and in common with many local organisations when you dig below the surface you find one or two individuals beavering away behind the scenes to make things happen, often year after year, which is why the people of Rickmansworth take art exhibitions and fetes for granted; it’s a “nice little town”, don’t you know.

Our President, Jeanne Harper is just such a person, she joined the society as a young woman when some of its founders were still members and she moved on through most of the committee roles to become Chairman and then finally President over a staggering 50 year period. To make any commitment of more than 5 minutes duration in this day and age is deemed imprudent whereas to make one lasting 50 years is almost beyond the grasp of the common mind! Sadly Jeanne has asked to step down from Presidential duties; she always was the sort of President who ‘did things’ and with advancing years the option of becoming simply a figurehead did not appeal in the slightest. Thank you Jeanne, on behalf of your society and your town for the time and effort unselfishly expended over such a long period, I’m pleased you will remain an active member. I have approached Cy Porter to see if he would be willing to stand for election as our new President and he has agreed, so I hope you will vote for him at the AGM. He has served on the committee as a member and Chairman previously and I can recommend him to you.

This past season has been as good as any but it would have been much less enjoyable without the support of such an excellent committee.

Simon Allard, Chairman