April 17 – Keith Morton Demonstration



This was the night we decided to try out our new sound reinforcement system which after a bit of laughter at the novelty of it all, proved to be a very good enhancement to Keith Morton’s demonstration of still life in Acrylics.

Keith spent a good deal of time precisely measuring the subject and applying straight lines in red paint to the support and whilst this seemed rather geometric to look at it subsequently formed a very sound frame work for the painting. Whilst essentially a tonal painter his colour relationships were again very precise and applied as flat areas of coloured greys. His palette was interesting being lemon yellow, ultramarine and alizarin crimson for cold colours and cadmium yellow, cadmium red and Prussian blue for warm colours. He had learned this whilst on a short course at The Slade where his tutor had been a student of Euan Uglow who also employed this palette.

In fact the portfolio of his work we looked at in the break was very like that of Uglow’s work with life drawings done as precise, straight, pencil lines and portraits that had an angular quality to them. However its fair to say he had pushed the use of acrylics and this approach considerably to encompass more watercolour-like landscapes with washy effects and also still life’s with a beautifully calm and contemplative feel to them.

This was an enjoyable and instructive evening with at least thirty members attending.