Photography as used by landscape artists with Claire Carter

A most interesting talk by award winning photographer Claire Carter (to view Claire’s gallery click on the word here) was enjoyed by members at our June meeting. With a slide show of wonderful photographs, Claire explained about how we should consider taking and subsequently using our photos for painting landscapes. She reminded us of the copyright position of using other people’s photos and paintings if we planned on selling our paintings (reminding us that we  should seek permission, acknowledge the source, and not copy paintings other than for our own use).

Claire talked of the ability to manipulate photos to improve the colours or contrast and how we can combine photos to create a composition that was pleasing in a way that photographers could not. She also reminded us that cameras do lie and showed some very interesting examples of how by using features of the camera and the lens one can make two images seem very close together when they are actually a long way apart.


Using the foreground  to create or enhance perspective is illustrated by the photograph below