An exciting demonstration by Heather Miller (click on her name to see Heather’s website) of Bluebells in acrylics last Thursday. Heather started by telling us how she started a picture with a mood board and which colours she found the most useful as well as a very handy tip on the creation of a stay wet palette with 2 x £1 trays from the pound shop. It has the advantage of being twice the size of a conventional purpose built one.


Heather then showed us her use of flat brushes, always to have 3 tones, how to create a sense of distance, how to paint in acrylics with virtually no water  … And when she had completed what was possible in 2 hours she unveiled a similar picture she had completed previously to show us how the finished picture would look.



Heather with her finished picture on the left and the incomplete demonstration one of the right.