February meeting

We had a very interesting evening on February 1st and not what any of us were expecting. Our artist couldn’t come at the last minute due to her car breaking down so various members of the Society managed to put together a fascinating evening. We started with Andrew Schofield giving us a short helpful talk on colour theory and aerial perspective. Andrew works in oil paint and explained about colour strings and how useful they are  when starting out on a painting.

He was followed by Brian Morgan, who, as a retired plastic surgeon, has an interest in the war artist, Dickie Orpern. This pioneering woman, who studied under  Henry Tonks at the Slade and made 2500 pencil drawings of operations from which Brian assured us a surgeon would be able to work out how each operation was done. There was also a very interesting pastel drawing of an operating theatre, which had two operating tables working at the same time.

Tim Tims then gave us a fascinating talk about framing and the history of framing from cave paintings to the present day. Using numerous examples from his dissertation on the subject he explained how the frame can be as important as the painting. Some artists even incorporate the frame as part of the painting and some would have had a particular style for their paintings.


We also discussed the Canal festival and the exhibition in May.