Chris Christoforou & Chromacolour

Resuming after the summer break we started the season with Chris Christoforou, an advocate of Chromacolour, a versatile acrylic paint that started life as a paint for animators and has since been developed into an artist’s material. It can be used as watercolour thinned with water or as oil paint thickened with a proprietary thickener.

In a range of intense colours the paint is bright. Used as watercolour it is permanent once dry, but when used as acrylic paint it does not dry out in the same way and remains useable for many days, behaving more like gouache or acrylic. It can also be used on fabric. Chris suggested it can be used on any porous surface. He suggested priming good quality MDF with Unibond (1 part Unibond to 5 parts water) then gesso creates a good working surface. he also uses it on canvas, watercolour paper and board. Several members bought some so ask them how they have got on with it if you are interested. This is a link to the manufacturer.