Art Exhibitions locally including London

I thought it would be useful if we posted the exhibitions that are reasonably possible to visit from our area and their dates. If anyone visits these and wishes to post a review that would help everybody or if you just would like someone to go with maybe we can post that and there might be another member who would like company.

Mantegna and Bellini – National Gallery

October 1st – January 27th

Courtauld Impressionists: From Manet to Cezanne – National Gallery

September 17th – January 20th

Turner Prize – Tate Britain

September 26th – January 20th

Oceania – Royal Academy 

September 29th – December 10th 2018

Thomas Eden Eden – Empire – National Gallery

until October 7th 2018

Mall Galleries

The exhibition changes here every week. Check here to see the website

Edward Burne-Jones – Tate Britain

October 24th – February 24th



If you want to go to one of these but have no one to go with please mail to be put in touch with any other members who would like to go.

If you know of another exhibition in which you think people might have an interest, again email as above to get it added to the website.