And we’re back

Demonstrations have resumed after all the trials and tribulations of the last 18 months.

September started with Hashim Akib demonstrating the painting of a street scene in acrylics, starting with a very rough ‘blocking in’ of the light and dark areas and slowly the scene emerges as he layers paint on paint.

the palette
the start
the finished painting

October saw us watching Jill Buckingham demonstrate a portrait in pastels. Her approach was to start at the top of the head with a strong emphasis on the shapes using a coloured pastel close to the colour of the paper. Each shape informed the next shape. The eye sockets were just roughed in, no detail. When all the shapes were right roughly Jill put in the eyes in more detail, talking about tucking the corners of the eyes in, and then the highlights. She put in the darkest darks, then the lightest lights, then the next darkest and next lightest. She was constantly assessing shapes and distances and advised not to blend with fingers.