2018 – 2019 Demonstrations


The remaining programme events have been posted on the Events and News page.

The year got off to a cracking start with a demo by artist Mark Fennell. Mark showed us his method of doing a portrait by painting a very good likeness of our membership secretary. Using a Zorn palette, of very limited colours – namely ivory black, vermilion (cadmium red), yellow ochre and white, he created all the colours necessary for this portrait.



The finished piece with the model!

At no point did his picture, painted in oils, look like anyone other than Mick. He captured the likeness from the very beginning and never lost it. If you look carefully you will see his blue eyes and green shirt, which considering the very limited palette was quite remarkable.

You can see more of Mark’s work on Instagram where his name is Mark Fenelli or on his website https://www.markfennell.co.uk/